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    Dr. No [1962] (awaiting 4 more votes)
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    "Bond, James Bong". With those immortal words the world was introduced to the charismatic 007, the brain child of lan Fleming. The film premiered of the London Pavilion on October 5, 1962 to both critical and public acclaim.

    Bond is instructed to investigate a U.S. enquiry about interference to their rocket launches at Cape Canaveral. Bond is sent to Jamaica, the suspected nerve centre from where the interference is emanating, to stifle the plans of his arch enemy SPECTRE's delegate, Dr. No, who will stop at nothing to get the world into the evil clutches of his metallic hands. Only Bond, his trusty Walther PPK and the sultry vision from the ocean, Honey Ryder (Ursula Andress), are standing in his way.
    • Sean Connery
      James Bond
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