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  • 笑功震武林
    Princess And Seven Kung Fu Masters
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    笑功震武林 | Princess And Seven Kung Fu Masters [2013] (awaiting 4 more votes)
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    • Hong Kong
    • China
    • Category IIA standard (94 min)
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    plot summary
    During the early years of the Republican era, in the north-eastern region of China, people were suffering from the power struggle amongst the bandits, local warlords, and Japanese Invaders.

    The only paradise within this war-torn region was Lucky Star Town, the only place where no one had dared to attack, for whoever attempted to invade Lucky Star Town would disappear and vanish without a trace. In reality, seven retired Kung Fu masters had resided in this town. They were Manysons (Eric Tsang), the caretaker; Madonna (Sandra Ng) and Mademoiselle Hong (Xie Na), the restaurant owners; Chanting Bing (Yuen Wah), the Taoist priest; Little Tailor (Wong Cho Lam), the tailor; Little Trumpet (Ronald Cheng), the cosmetics salesman; and Miss Manuelle (Natalie Meng), the brothel owner. Each of them had his own specialized martial arts skills. Together, they maintained the peacefulness of the Town.

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