• July 5, 2015
  • 2015
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  • 小時代
    Tiny Times
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    • China
    • Category IIA standard (116 min)
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    plot summary
    This is a generation with shining dream, also a generation with a frozen dream; This is the worst time, but also the best. This is our Tiny Times.

    This story occurs in this speedy developing Shanghai city, and describes the lives of these four main female roles, Lix Xiao (Yang Mi) , Nan Xian (Kuo Bi-Ting), Gu Li (Amber Kuo) and Tang Wan Ru (Hsieh Yi-Ling) .These four girls have been classmates since young and developed a very deep friendship even they all have various life-value and personal goal.

    They have spent their school time together in university and started to face various challenges in peaceful life, including the challenges from part-time job and enormous living pressure in life. In this peaceful camp life, there is diverse dilemma for them to make decisions which involves love, friendship, working value and carrier life. Meanwhile, some sweet and bitter relationship has just flourished between them and Gu-Yuan (Kai Ko), Gong-Ming (Rhydian Vaughan), Jian-Xi (Li Yuen-Ming), and Chong-Guan (Cheney Chen)...
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