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哥斯拉 2014


Leslie Cheung2014年05月26日 16:46 發表

Tube 評分


/ 10


Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros Films’ latest reboot of Toho’s King of Monsters, Godzilla, is a surprisingly enjoyable film. Although we need to wait for a while until we can catch Godzilla on screen, but once it’s there, the film is great and you forget about the clumsy introduction. The look and abilities of the creature follow closely to the original Japanese incarnation, and fare much better than the last Americanise attempt. There’s no question director Gareth Edwards can shoot monsters, he already exhibited his skills with his directorial debut Monsters. What’s more is that he can manage to combine the old mythology of Godzilla and update with new perspective. You can see the production team gives a lot of thoughts in to make the monster battle scenes not just exciting, but also interesting.


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