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The Phantom Of The Moulin-Rouge 1925

The Phantom Of The Moulin-Rouge [1925]
Original Title
Le Fantôme Du Moulin-Rouge
  • 90 minutes

Plot synopsis

Julien Boissel (Georges Vaultier) and Yvonne Vincent (Sandra Milowanoff) are getting married but the director of a newspaper blackmails Yvonne's father into calling off the marriage. Thinking that Yvonne no longer loves him, Julien visits Moulin Rouge in Montmartre, Paris to watch the rotating red windmills and cancan dancers. The mysterious doctor Robini claims that he can dissipate Julien's sadness by separating his soul from his body through hypnotism. Once Julien’s soul leaves his body, he refuses to return. Thus, Paris is haunted. The doctor is arrested for murder. An audacious journalist (Albert Préjean) is investigating the truth. Julien needs to be resurrected before the autopsy to reunite with Yvonne.


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