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An Andalousan Dog 1929

An Andalousan Dog [1929]
Original Title
Un Chien Andalou
  • 16 minutes

Plot synopsis

Luis Buñuel wrote and directed his first film Un Chien Andalou, the most renowned surrealist film, jointly with Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali. There is the most anthologised surrealist image of a man with razor blade (Luis Buñuel) cutting open a woman's eye juxtaposed with the image of a cloud across the moon. A man (Pierre Batcheff) and a woman (Simone Mareuil) stare at his right hand swarming with ants, followed by a female sunbather's armpit hair and a sea urchin on the beach. The man caresses the unwilling woman's breast and drags two priests (Salvador Dali) and two pianos with dead donkeys on top. This world of dreams, desire, and the unconscious is set to a cheerful Argentine tango alternating with Wagner's passionate "Liebestod".


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