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The Blood Of A Poet 1932

The Blood Of A Poet [1932]
Original Title
Le Sang D'un Poète
  • 55 minutes

Plot synopsis

The half-naked poet (Enrique Rivero) draws a face on a white canvas. The mouth starts to move its lips so the poet tries to wipe it away. The mouth takes on life in his right palm. The poet smothers a statue (Lee Miller) of a woman without arms with his right palm and inadvertently wakes it to life. The statue suggests that he go into a mirror. The mirror leads him to a hotel corridor where he peeps into keyholes and shoots himself. The poet smashes the statue and is transformed into a statue. The poet as a boy is struck dead in a snowball fight. The poet plays cards and again shoots himself. Theater-goers in private boxes applaud.


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