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French Cancan 1954

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  • 102 minutes

Plot synopsis

Montmartre, 1900: Danglard, a brilliant impresario, rules over the small world of Butte Montmartre, most notably, "la Reine Blanche", where "la Belle Abbesse", a buxom actress who is also his mistress, rules the roost. The financiers trust him. One day, as Danglard watches a short washerwoman named Nini as she frolics about Butte Montmartre, he is struck by an idea: to launch a revival of the cancan, an old dance that has fallen out of fashion, that he will rename "the French Cancan". Along the way, he suffers some setbacks, as the jealousy of his "muses" comes into play.



Claude Berri

Un jeune homme à l'inauguration [uncredited]


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