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Aces Go Places 1982

Aces Go Places [1982]

Release date

1982 Jan

Hong Kong

Original Title
  • 90 minutes
  • Category II

Plot synopsis

The Mafia is concluding a secret deal in Hong Kong when the loot to be handed over, a consigment of valuable diamonds, is stolen by someone who left a white glove. Based on this clue, the police thinks that it is the work of the infamous international thief "White Glove" Interpol is contacted and an ace detective, Baldy, is sent from New York to investigate. He is assisted by a local waman inspector known for her toughness. They start on a wrong footing initially but grow to be very fond of one another...

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Sylvia Chang

Supt. Nancy Ho

Tsui Hark

Theater director

George Lam

Ambulance driver [uncredited]

Raymond Wong Bak-Ming

Priest [uncredited]


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