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The Big Heat 1988

The Big Heat [1988]

Release date

1988 Sep

Hong Kong

Original Title
  • 92 minutes
  • Category IIB

Plot synopsis

Wong Wai Pong (Waise Lee). An Honoured and experienced senior police inspector, is compelled to resign from the Royal Hong Kong Police when he finds out his right hand is suffering from neural spasms. Wong shelves his resignation letter after he knows of the brutal murder of his informant, "Wily" Tse, in Malaysia. "Wily" happens to be his very good friend for many years. Wong is determined to nail the murdered himself, before he resigns. With the help from a Malaysian police officer, Ong Chat Fu (Lo King Wah), who bring with him some substantial evidence, Wong is able to work on the first suspect, a shipping tycoon called Ho (Stuart Ong). They suspect Ho of killing "Wily" because the latter blackmail him with photos of his scandalous homosexual activities. To Wong's surprise, he finds himself under some kind of mysterious surveillance...


Tsui Hark

Inspector Yiuming Butt [uncredited]


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