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Bad Education
  • 106minutes
  • III

Release Date

Original Title
La Mala Educación

Hong Kong Title
Bad Education

Plot Synopsis

In the early 60s, two boys, Ignacio and Enrique, discovered love, movies and fear in a Christian school. The school principal, Father Manolo, was passionate for young Ignacio and decided to separate him from Enrique. Ignacio scarified himself to save Enrique but he failed. 16 years later, Enrique becomes a film director. Ignacio, now renaming himself as Angel, visits and shows him a script. Ignacio desperately wants Enrique to adapt the script with himself as the lead. However, Enrique finds this Ignacio not only changed in his name, but his mind as well...


Pedro Almodóvar


Pool cleaner

Pedro Almodóvar

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