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The Eye 2 2004

The Eye 2 [2004]

Release date

2004 Mar

Hong Kong

Original Title
  • 95 minutes
  • Category IIB

Plot synopsis

Just when Joey looks forward to a brand new life after a failed suicide attempt, she discovers that she is pregnant. Confused and desperate, the un-wedded woman tries to contact the father of her child, but only gets hurt by his evasive response. Being tortured by the thought of an abortion, Joey finds herself becoming delusional and emotionally unstable. She is frequently threatened by the sudden presence of strangers, and also feels stalked by a mysterious woman. Joey suspects herself suffering from pre-partum depression, but her problems do not stem from her psyche - her former suicide attempt has actually granted her the ability to see the dead. The revelation strikes mercilessly when Joey pays a visit to the hospital and gets trapped in an elevator with a woman in labour and witnesses the most petrifying still-birth caused by a ghost... What is more devastating is that the mysterious woman stalker is indeed a spirit awaiting to be reincarnated in the form of Joey's child! If Karma is the explanation, what good or evil could Joey have done to this unknown woman? Or... has she? Joey is determined to unveil the identify of the mysterious woman, but every truth comes with a cost... and this one in particular is not what Joey can afford.

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Shu Qi

Joey Cheng


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