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All About Love 2005

All About Love [2005]

Release date

2005 Oct

Hong Kong

Original Title
  • 100 minutes
  • Category IIA

Plot synopsis

Ko (Andy Lau) is a paramedic working with the ambulance team when he used to be a successful doctor. His wife died 6 years ago from a car crash and he feels guilty about her death so he now leads a routine life of working at very fixed hours so that he can spend time with his family and friends.

One day, Ko saves Yuen-Sam (Charlie Young) who had an accident and he finds out that Yuen-Sam is the recipient of the heart of his wife. He starts to take an interest in her life and discovers that not only has her husband, Derek (Andy Lau) gone missing a few years back, Yuen-Sam is also suffering from a terminal illness and does not have much time to live. Derek, was a famous and much sought after hair stylist, and he was actively pursued by a mysterious woman who seeking to have an affair with him. It resulted in the deterioration of his marriage with Yuen-Sam and after one big argument, he just left without a word.

Yuen-Sam, tells Ko that her dying wish is to spend some happy times with Derek. Ko agrees to help and in his quest, he discovers that Derek actually looks very much like himself. Ko goes around in search of clues of Derek and finally found him in Jakarta. Unable to actually meet Derek, Ko leaves a message informing Derek of the situation with Yuen-Sam. Soon after, Derek returns to see Yuen-Sam and they spend a blissfully happy few weeks together. When Yuen-Sam's illness finally succumbs, and lies on her hospital bed, the audience will discover a twist in the story that is both sad and beautiful.


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