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200 Pounds Beauty 2006

200 Pounds Beauty [2006]

Release date

2007 May

Hong Kong

Original Title
미녀는 괴로워
  • 120 minutes
  • Category IIA

Plot synopsis

Hanna is far from pretty. However, she has a God-given voice that is music to everybody's ear and sings for a singer named Amy who is sexy and beautiful, but who cannot sing a note.

Hanna is sweet by nature. She finds it hard to say no to people in need of her help and goes out of her way to do things that others would ignore, which often leaves her hurt. Nonetheless, she is optimistic, happy-go-lucky, and never loses her hope for life. Meanwhile, she has a huge crush on a music producer named Sang-jun. Sometimes love can help people do things that they would never dare do when they are not in love. One day, she gets herself in a situation where she could not be more humiliated before Sang-jun and decides to kill herself. However, as fate has it, her suicide attempt fails and leads her to Dr. Lee, a renowned plastic surgeon, who turns her into a dazzling beauty.


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