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Forest Of Death 2007

Forest Of Death [2007]

Release date

2007 Mar

Hong Kong

Original Title
  • 98 minutes
  • Category IIB

Plot synopsis

Steven is a student of botany who has written his doctorate paper on the theory that "Plants Are Sentient Creatures". He spends all his time and effort trying to prove that plants have feelings and even language. Steven's girlfriend Mary works for a major TV station and her achievements seem to outstrip Steven's. One day, a criminal has abducted, raped and murdered the Prime Minister's daughter in the forest. Eric was arrested as he was a major suspect in this case. Soon, the truth behind the crime is revealed through Steven's research. An experiment is carried out in the crime scene forest to determine whether or not the suspect is guilty by obtaining eyewitness and evidence: the forest itself. This generates great controversy in the parliament and to the legal profession but is there an answer out there in the forest?



Shu Qi

Detective C.C. Ha

Ekin Cheng

Shum Shu-hoi


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