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3 Seasons In Hell 2009

3 Seasons In Hell [2009]
Original Title
3 Sezony V Pekle
  • 110 minutes

Plot synopsis

Prague, 1947 - a time of sensuality and extravagance. Ivan Heinz, a good-looking dandy with a provocative sense of humor has just turned 19. Running away from home, he votes himself to the celebration of freedom, revolutionary politics, and artistic aspirations. He lives for the moment, discards the past, writes poetry and blindly immerses himself in his own world of idealist politics, surrealism, and personal discovery. And life is good, when savoured through a haze of hedonism and in company of a fascinating, stylish, woman who awakes his powerful sexuality. Ivan throws himself whole-heartedly into a destructive romance with independent, bisexual Jana. The two lovers live an eventful life together, full of inspiring erotic games, arguments and explosive laughter. The new Communist regime begins however to reveal its repressive side. Weaving fantastic visions of their future, they plan their escape to Paris. But confrontation with the very regime that Ivan espouses comes harshly and unexpectedly.


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