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New York, I Love You 2009

New York, I Love You [2009]

Release date

2009 Dec

Hong Kong

  • 103 minutes
  • Category IIB

Plot synopsis

Since the birth of movies, New York has long been cinema’s dream city - its teeming populace of one-of-a-kind characters, its stone-and-glass skyscrapers rocketing towards the heavens, its subterranean cultures and its rooftop love affairs all making for the perfect backdrop to all manner of action, comedy, drama and poetry. The city has been immortalized on screen in hundreds of different ways in thousands of movies. But now comes a fresh, diverse and unabashedly romantic window into the city, this time seen entirely through the eyes of love -- love in all its varieties, from first love, tough love and momentary love to love remembered, love denied, love yearned for and love that lasts forever - from a collaboration of young, impassioned filmmakers from around the world.


Fatih Akin

(segment "Fatih Akin")

Allen Hughes

(segment "Allen Hughes")

Shunji Iwai

(segment "Shunji Iwai")

Jiang Wen

(segment "Wen Jiang")

Natalie Portman

(segment "Natalie Portman")

Brett Ratner

(segment "Brett Ratner")


Bradley Cooper

Gus (segment "Allen Hughes")

Hayden Christensen

Ben (segment "Wen Jiang")

Natalie Portman

Rifka (segment "Mira Nair")

Irrfan Khan

Mansukhbhai (segment "Mira Nair)

Orlando Bloom

David (segment "Shunji Iwai")

Christina Ricci

Camille (segment "Shunji Iwai")

Maggie Q

Call Girl (segment "Yvan Attal")

Ethan Hawke

Writer (segment "Yvan Attal")

Anton Yelchin

Boy in the Park (segment "Brett Ratner")

James Caan

Mr. Riccoli, the Pharmacist (segment "Brett Ratner")

Blake Lively

Ex-Girlfriend (segment "Brett Ratner")

John Hurt

Bellhop (segment "Shekhar Kapur")

Shia LaBeouf

Jacob (segment "Shekhar Kapur")

Shu Qi

Chinese Herbalist (segment "Fatih Akin")

Olivia Thirlby

Actress (segment "Brett Ratner")

Robin Wright

Anna (segment "Yvan Attal")


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