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Public Enemies 2009

Public Enemies [2009]

Release date

2009 Jul

Hong Kong

  • 140 minutes
  • Category IIB

Plot synopsis

No one could stop John Dillinger (Johnny Depp) and his gang. No jail could hold him. His charm and audacious jailbreaks endeared him to almost everyone - from his girlfriend Billie Frechette (Marion Cotillard) to Americans who were looking for a symbol to divert them from their everyday hardships. They found it in the man who took from the banks the monies they felt the banks had wrongly taken from them.

But while the adventures of Dillinger's gang thrilled many, Hoover planned to exploit the outlaw's capture as a way to elevate his Bureau of Investigation into the national police force that became the FBI. He made Dillinger America's first Public Enemy Number One and sent in Purvis (Christian Bale), the dashing "Clark Gable of the FBI," to snare him.

However, Dillinger and his gang outwitted and outgunned Purvis' men in wild chases and shootouts. Only after importing a crew of lawmen from the Dallas bureau and orchestrating epic betrayals were Purvis, the FBI and their new crew of gunfighters able to close in on their prey.

Drawn back to the very city where his obsession with both Frechette and bank robbing began, Dillinger, for once and for all, ended this pursuit by Purvis. And when all was said and done, the entire country learned that with the death of one of its heroes came the birth of a legend.



Carey Mulligan

Carol Slayman

Christian Bale

Melvin Purvis

Johnny Depp

John Dillinger

Marion Cotillard

Billie Frechette

Stephen Dorff

Homer Van Meter

Channing Tatum

Pretty Boy Floyd

Billy Crudup

J. Edgar Hoover


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