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The French Kissers 2009

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Original Title
Les Beaux Gosses
  • 90 minutes

Plot synopsis

14-year-old Herve is an average teenager who lives with his mother and struggles to cope with his libido impulses, unprepossessing physique and mediocre intellect. His major preoccupation is dating a girl. Unfortunately, in this area, girls keep turning him down. But he hasn’t given up hope yet. One day, without really understanding how, it seems that Aurore, one of the prettiest girls in his class, actually likes him. Camel, his best friend, who is heavily into hand jobs and porn films, persuades Herve to try to sleep with Aurore. Herve boasts of his virility when he is with Camel, but when he is with Aurore, it's a completely different matter.


Marjane Satrapi

La vendeuse du magasin de musique


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