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Grown Ups 2010

Grown Ups [2010]

Release date

2010 Oct

Hong Kong

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/ 10

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  • 102 minutes
  • Category IIA
  • Group B

Plot synopsis

This is the story of five childhood friends who reunite thirty years later to meet each others' families for the first time. When their beloved former basketball coach dies, they return to their home town to spend the summer at the lake house where they celebrated their championship years earlier. Sandler came up with the idea of a guy who feels like he and his family have lost their perspective of what's important in life. So, when he unexpectedly has to go back to his home town, he decides to use it as an opportunity to get back to his roots and get his family on the right track. To do this, he rents a lake house and invites his old friends and their families to come and stay with them for the Fourth of July weekend. Soon, they discover that growing older doesn't mean growing up!

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Adam Sandler

Lenny Feder

Salma Hayek

Roxanne Chase-Feder

Chris Rock

Kurt McKenzie

Jamie Chung

Amber Hilliard

Dennis Dugan



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