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All's Well, End's Well 2011 2011

All's Well, End's Well 2011 [2011]

Release date

2011 Feb

Hong Kong

Original Title
  • 103 minutes
  • Category IIA
  • Group B

Plot synopsis

Legendary make up artist Sammy (Louis Koo) is the host of a hugely popular beauty show. On the screen, he’s the gentle, sensitive, new age guy who women love, but behind it, he’s just another callous, sloppy man. One day, Dream (Yan Ni), the girlfriend of oil baron Clerk Chan (Raymond Wong) knocks on Sammy's door for help, as Clerk has bought her a cosmetics company. Although Dream loves to play dress-up, she doesn't know the first thing about leading a cosmetics business, and thus decides to hire a real expert to run the enterprise as CEO. Sammy considers rejecting the offer, but the terms were so good he simply forgets to. As he steps into the conference room on his first day, Sammy begins to regret taking up the offer. His new female subordinates are less than cooperative, and the only person willing to be his assistant is Claire (Cecilia Cheung), the long-term temp. In order to improve their brand image, the company decides to set up counters in luxury malls. Sammy invites his buddy Arnold (Donnie Yen) to join the company. Arnold is a diamond in the rough. While he's just a make-up artist at a little cosmetics counter in a downmarket neighbourhood mall, he has a way with women that earns him commissions higher than many senior executives. This is all thanks to his upbringing - he's had plenty of practice. As the family's only son, he was brought up by his mother and three very different sisters, Arnold realised early that to be able to get along with women is to have learnt to live. To respect women was almost a house rule. Ironically, he's never fared well when it comes to his own relationships. He's never gotten past the break-up with his first love, Mona (Carina Lau), and is forever shadowing her as a guardian angel. Mona is a writer who delves too deep into the imaginary lives of the female protagonists in her novels. Falling in love is part of her creative process, and as she finishes each novel, her relationship ends too. Every time she goes through a break-up, she rushes to Arnold, forcing him to make her happy. Dream, now the proprietor of a cosmetics company thanks to her busy but successful boyfriend Clerk, really only want him to spend more time with her. Clerk's work schedule makes it impossible, which was why he bought the company for her in the first place - to keep her occupied. As a result, Dream's passions are channelled into her work and surprisingly, into Sammy, who she sees as a younger Clerk, a time when their relationship was strong. Clerk detects a change in Dream and mistakes it for a change of heart, going so far as to think that Sammy and Dream were involved. To win Dream's affection once again, the chubby, middle-aged Clerk asks Sammy for help on maintaining his appearance in the hopes of regain his youth as well as what he once had with Dream. While shooting the ad for the new catalogue, Sammy becomes friends with the "yacht prince" Bill Liu, a.k.a. Smoothie (Chapman To). Seeing the innocent and good-hearted Claire in a new light, Smoothie falls for her right away. Claire, being from a humble background, knows that Smoothie's feelings for her is her chance to marry rich. To seize the opportunity, Claire seeks help from Sammy on the art of seduction. Thanks to Smoothie, Sammy and Claire secure a meeting with mall heiress Victoria (Lynn Xiong) to negotiate setting up a consignment in one of her luxury malls. When they meet, however, they find that Victoria is Smoothie's ex. Victoria attacks Claire with a series of insults, and Sammy stands up for Claire. Victoria's insults cause Claire's usual happy facade to break down, revealing her pessimistic, insecure heart. Sammy decides to help make Claire a billion-dollar bride. Never been so cherished in her life, Claire struggles over her feelings for Sammy, who seems to be immune to feelings of the opposite sex. Meanwhile, Smoothie consults Sammy on how to chase Claire. Under his help, Smoothie and Claire soon becomes a sweet couple in the eyes of everybody. However, at this point, Sammy feels something towards Claire, but he tells himself that the wealthy Smoothie is more capable of giving Claire happiness. He even becomes the love consigliore between the two when Smoothie decides to propose to Claire. On Smoothie and Claire’s wedding day, however, Sammy realises that emotions aren't something you can hide from...

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