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Astronaut 3D 2011

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  • 23 minutes

Plot synopsis

Putting on a cumbersome spacesuit, stepping into the command module, settling on a tailor-made seat and waiting for the moment when the rocket launches into the sky... Many people may have fancied themselves becoming an astronaut, taking a venturous ride in a spacecraft into the vast universe and exploring the unknown world for mankind.

To become an astronaut, one must undergo a series of tough training. For instance, one has to experience situations of weightlessness and immense gravity. Space is full of risks and hazards. Without the natural protection of the atmosphere, the astronaut is exposed to all kinds of dangers that he would not encounter on the Earth. Extreme variation in temperature, meteorite strike, and exposure to hazardous cosmic rays are just a few to name. What is more, there is microgravity that will affect bones, muscles and the cardiovascular system. Hence, an astronaut must have protection from a spacesuit and sound psychological health condition and physical training so as to brace himself for all kinds of challenges in space.

The new fulldome 3D show Astronaut 3D will teach you how to become an astronaut, joining the trainings of an astronaut: to dive into water to simulate training in space, to jump on a plane to experience weightlessness, and to ride on a huge centrifuge to feel immense gravity. You will also see all kinds of risks and challenges that astronauts face.


Ewan McGregor

Narrator [voice]