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Love You You
  • 91minutes
  • IIA

Release Date

Original Title

Hong Kong Title
Love You You

Plot Synopsis

On a beautiful tropical island, the timelessly romantic story of boy meets girl unfolds for a new generation. Xiami is a beautiful case investigator sent to this island on a secret mission. She is to dig up information on You Lele, the young boss of the island's resort. When the brash and ambitious Lele first crosses paths with sensitive and quick-witted Xiami, they get off on the wrong foot and the last thing on either of their minds is romance. However, Xiami has a task to complete and decides to go undercover as a helper at the resort in order to find out more about Lele. He proves to be a tough boss, and their relationship becomes even more frayed. Lele has reason to be demanding as he has a big challenge ahead of him - a rich young couple has booked all the rooms in order to host a sumptuous wedding ceremony. When the soon-to-be bride and groom's relationship take an unexpectedly disastrous turn, it's up to Lele and Xiami to work together and get the couple back together before the wedding is cancelled.


Xia Mi


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