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  • 96minutes
  • IIB

Release Date

Original Title

Hong Kong Title
Treasure Inn

Plot Synopsis

Once upon a time in China, two street inspectors named Gong and Ba were on the mysterious murder case in town - the massacre at millionaire's estate, and the disappearance of the prestigious white-jade statue. But the renowned investigator Iron was assigned to the case, and quickly shoved the local Gong and Ba on lin, so they detrmied to track down the culprit on their own. The duo chances upon two sisters-in-crime, Water and Fire, who disguise as bounty hunters to gain reward. Gong learnt from the sisters that the jade statue was delivered to Treasure Inn, the infamous trade for loots nationwide. The inspctors quickly followed the leads, with the sisters tagging along for the trip.Along the way, Gong and Water soon fall in love, while Ba and Fire were the perfect odd couple.


Jing Wong


Nick Cheung Ka-Fai

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