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Night Train To Lisbon 2013

Night Train To Lisbon [2013]

Release date

2013 Mar


  • 111 minutes

Plot synopsis

Raimund (Jeremy Iron), a Latin professor from Switzerland whose once well-ordered yet drearily meaningless life is about to change when he boards a night train to Lisbon with a philosophical book, written by the Portguese poet-doctor-revolutionary Amadeu de Prado, that is left behind by a mysterious woman in red coat whose safe he has previously saved. This evocative and nostalgic piece chronicles the intellectual enlightenment of Raimund as he wanders amid the rubble and dust of the Portuguese capital, picking up bits and pieces of the fascinating life of Amadeu who himself is a man of many contractions. And in the process, his investigation becomes a journey to his own heart.



Mélanie Laurent

Young Estefânia

Christopher Lee

Father Bartolomeu

Charlotte Rampling

Adriana de Prado


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