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The After-Dinner Mysteries 2013

The After-Dinner Mysteries [2013]

Release date

2013 Sep

Hong Kong

Original Title
  • 121 minutes
  • Category IIB

Plot synopsis

Butler-slash-sleuth Kageyama up against a serial murderer on a luxury liner! Reiko Hosho, the Hosho conglomerate heiress, and her butler, Kageyama, board the Singapore-bound The Princess Reiko, a luxury cruise ship owned by the Hoshos. It is Reiko's first time in 18 years to embark this ship that is like a small town in itself, complete with restaurants, casino, spa, and movie theater.

Reiko looks forward to her long-deserved vacation, but an odd dead body is discovered onboard. Then she hears that man's voice resonate through the charged atmosphere... "Yes, yes, yes, yes." It is her boss, Captain Kazamatsuri, who specialises in throwing cases off course with his ridiculous theories. To Reiko's chagrin, he is also on the ship to guard the K Lion, a statue to be presented to Singapore from the city of Kunitachi. Even on the ship, Reiko is forced to play her dual role as heiress and detective.


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