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Warm Bodies 2013

Warm Bodies [2013]

Release date

2013 Feb

Hong Kong

  • 97 minutes
  • Category IIB

Plot synopsis

A mysterious virus has devastated civilisation, turning its victims into flesh-eating monsters without memories of their past lives. What is left of humanity is holed up in heavily fortified bunkers where they live in fear of their former loved ones. But all that changes when a ravenous zombie hunting party crosses paths with a human reconnaissance crew scavenging supplies. R (Nicholas Hoult), a soulful zombie, is so captivated by the lovely and living Julie (Teresa Palmer) that, instead of eating her brains, he saves her from being consumed by his companions. Confused by her feelings, Julie returns to her walled-off city where her father (John Malkovich), a ruthless zombie hunter, leads a well-armed security force. Meanwhile, R has begun to change in ways he never thought possible and believes his connection with Julie could be the salvation of the human race. But when he shows up at her doorstep, it sparks an all-out war between the living and the undead that threatens to derail the couple's chance of a future together.



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