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3AM Part 2 2014

3AM Part 2 [2014]

Release date

2014 Mar

Hong Kong

Original Title
ตีสาม คืนสาม 3D
  • 104 minutes
  • Category IIB

Plot synopsis

"Have you heard? Rang is dead."

Rang is dead, but it may not be that simple. The leader of a motorcycle gang and owner of a tattoo shop, Rang was killed in a road accident - but a lot of people don't believe that a skilled motorcyclist like him would die that way. 

At Rang's funeral, his girlfriend, Koy, arrives with her newly acquired boy, Bozo, who is Rang's henchman. Only three days after Rang's death, Koy publicly shows off her new boy and sparks malicious gossips. But not only that, rumuor has it that a lot of people in the gang had wanted Rang's death so that his share of dirty money could be distributed. 

At the funeral, Rang's picture stares out at his friends. His eyes are full of rage, or maybe vengeance. A traditional belief has it that the dead will return home on the third night to settle the unfinished business. 

Tonight, Rang is coming home.


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