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The Letters 2014

The Letters [2014]

Release dates

2016 Aug

Hong Kong

2016 Sep


  • 114 minutes
  • Category I
  • Group A
  • Protected Category

Plot synopsis

Danghram, India, 2003. Father Benjamin Praagh (Rutger Hauer), a priest dispatched by the Vatican as postulator for Mother Teresa's cause for sainthood. Father Praagh arrives at the retirement quarters of Father Celeste van Exem (Max von Sydow), a preiest in his eighties who was friends with Mother Teresa and was her spiritual advisor. He shares with Father Praagh letters that she sent to him over a 40 year period, letters that reveal a spiritual darkness she suffered the better part of her adult life. This suffering began when she started her work with the poor in 1946.


Juliet Stevenson

Mother Teresa

Max von Sydow

Father Celeste van Exem

Rutger Hauer

Father Bejamin Praagh


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