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Little Big Master 2015

Little Big Master [2015]

Release dates

2015 Mar

Hong Kong

2015 Apr


Original Title
  • 112 minutes
  • Category I

Plot synopsis

Feeling unsettled, Hung (Miriam Yeung) steps down as the Headmistress from a famous Kindergarten. Retiring at her age seems to be a perfect timing to achieve the dream of travelling around the world with her husband, Tung (Louis Koo), who works as a designer in the museum. However, Hung understands this retirement is only a mean to walk away from her declined passion towards education over the years.

Then, Hung notices a recruitment ad of a Kindergarten in a Yuen Long village recruiting headmaster and school keeper in a single post. If they can't hire a headmaster in time, this kindergarten with only five poor students will be rebuilt as garbage room or even coffin shop. Hung is haunted by the uncertain future of the five kids... At last, only in the hope of searching them a better school before the coming school year, she decides to apply for the Headmistress. She would then do the trip with Tung for their dream.




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