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The Chinese Mayor 2015

The Chinese Mayor [2015]
Original Title
  • 89 minutes

Plot synopsis

Known ignominiously as "the most polluted city in China", Datong has seen better days. The former capital of Imperial China suffers from a faltering economy and poor infrastructure - but not for long, if Mayor Geng Yanbo has his way. Geng's plan is to restore Datong's cultural landmarks and build tourist-friendly attractions, and he'll accomplish his goal even if it means displacing a half-million of the city's residents. Given seemingly limitless access, director Zhou Hao follows the tireless government official nicknamed "Demolition Geng" as he clashes daily with corrupt bureaucracy, rightfully upset constituents and even his own wife. The result is a fascinating and mesmerising portrait of a people in change and the man who would make it happen.


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