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Good Take!
  • 95minutes
  • IIB
  • C

Release Date

Plot Synopsis


Police Constable 9096 lost trace of his work colleague PC9413 after PC9413 headed off alone to settle a seemingly minor family dispute while PC9096 took his time during a dinner break. The scene in question was a flat in an old, abandoned building. When the cellphone of PC9413 was dialed, ringtone sounded from under the concrete ground... The police immediately dug the ground open, only to find the cellphone of PC9413 buried together with the skeletons of a woman and a girl. So where had PC9413 gone?

A Banquet

Today is a special day for Wai Lam and his dad. It marked the second marriage of Wai Lam's mom. All dressed up and with speeches rehearsed, it was an intriguing moment of which a man brought his son to his ex-wife's wedding banquet, presenting to her a gift full of memories... but there can be no turning back of time.

Good Take

Veteran actors Taylor and Laura met when they were very young. When they retire, they enjoyed watching their old works on TV every morning. Upon Laura's death, Taylor decided to commit suicide to be with his wife. But before the end of his time, Taylor found the opportunity to play out a role in real life that he had never gotten to perform on screen - that of a hero.

The Solitudes

Chak met Fong at a nightclub. They then went to a motel for a night of fun. After the initial flirting, Fong tied Chak up to the bed and started torturing him. Apparently, Chak had forgotten how he had met her before, how he had threatened her, beat her up, and raped her, and finally sent her awary with $500. Fong, however, was not one to let him forget!

We Are Ghosts

Charlene inherited an old flat from her late grandma whom she was very close to. She was harassed by an asset repossession company, forcing her to let up the flat so as to convert the land into profitable use through development. Determined to keep the flat, Charlene had to use her wits to brave a family of ghost, and counter the tricks played upon her by the repossession company! Ultimately, she will learn why the flat was bestowed to her by her grandmother.


Alex Fong
Pakho Chau

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