Perfetti Sconosciuti Perfect Strangers

Perfect Strangers [2016]
Category IIA Protected Category
  • Italy

plot synopsis

We all have three lives: a public, a private and a secret life. Once the secret life was well hidden in the archives of our minds, today in our Sim cards. What would happen if that tiny card started to talk?

Today the secret life for all of us passes, inevitably, through our cell phones. Smartphones have become a fundamental object, perhaps the only one that we always carry with us, it’s become, as we say in the movie, our 'black box'.

Perfect Strangers is a movie where nothing is what it seems, where each person can tell their own experiences, can establish the confines between right and wrong, correct and incorrect, disreputable or not, speaking of secret lives, of that which we cannot or do not want to tell.



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