Mein Blind Date Mit Dem Leben My Blind Date With Life

My Blind Date With Life [2017]
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  • Germany

plot synopsis

My Blind Date With Life brings to the big screen the heartwarming true story of Saliya (Kostja Ullmann), a promising student who becomes nearly blind as a teenager. In spite of everyone telling him to be realistic about how this limits his life and aspirations, he persistently holds onto his dream of working in a luxury hotel. Without telling anyone that he cannot see, he unbelievably lands an apprenticeship in the most prestigious hotel in Munich. With sheer determination and impressive resilience, he exceeds all expectations and manages to get through his bluff with the help of his mocking and spry best friend Max (Jacob Matschenz). But when Saliya falls in love with Laura (Anna Maria Mühe), the elaborate deception he so carefully put together begins to fall apart.


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