Cherchez La Femme Some Like It Veiled

Some Like It Veiled [2017]
Category IIA
  • France

plot synopsis

Armand and Leila, students at Paris' prestigious college of political science, Sciences Po, are a young couple. They plan to go to New York where they both have senior-year internships at the United Nations. However, when Mahmoud, Leila's big brother, returns from an extended stay in Yemen where he's become a radical Muslim, he opposes their relationship and decides to keep his sister away from Armand at all costs. In order to see Leila again who is confined to the family apartment, Armand has no other choice but to disguise himself as a woman in a full-length burka with niqab! The next day, the doorbell rings at Leila's place - a Scheherazade, whose face is veiled, is at the door and Mahmoud is not impervious to her charms...


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