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A Woman Is A Woman 2018

A Woman Is A Woman [2018]

Release date

2019 Jan

Hong Kong

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/ 10

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  • 93 minutes

Plot synopsis

A Woman Is A Woman features the story of two transwomen Sung Chi Yu and Chiu Ling Fung. Sung Chi Yu hides her identity of transwoman after her surgery and recreate her new life with a family and also a step daughter. Everything seems to be fine till her identity is accidentally discovered by her husband. The discovery was a shock to the man who couldn't accept her past resulting in the collapse of the lovely family. Chiu Ling Fung always knows she is different. As a little boy, she thinks and behaves like a girl but never dares to think much of it. Raised by a religious, conservative family, she is told to man-up and act like himself. At the age of 16, she starts to explore the notion of love and panics when she could only dream as a girl.


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