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Back Street Girls: Gokudols 2018

Back Street Girls: Gokudols [2018]

Release date

2019 May

Hong Kong

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/ 10

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  • 87 minutes

Plot synopsis

Kentaro Yamamoto, Ryo Tachibana and Kazuyoshi Sugihara in unison as members of both the Inukane yakuza syndicate and an adorably cute and effervescent idol trio. Once society rejects, the boys were saved by the crime syndicate to whom they feel a strong sense of duty and obligation, vowing to live "as men", "be manly" and "work for the syndicate". But when they botch things up for the syndicate, the boss has them undergo sex change operations in Thailand and proclaims: "From today, you three are pop idols! Rise in the entertainment world and make loads of money!" Transformed into beguilingly attractive women on the outside, the three remain alpha male ruffians on the inside, spawning a host of life-defining challenges! Can these three male hoods now live "as women", "be cute" and "work for the syndicate"? Find out in this yakuza-slash-teen idol movie the likes of which have never been seen in cinematic history. A new idol legend begins.