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Hotel Soul Good 2018

Hotel Soul Good [2018]

Release date

2018 Oct

Hong Kong

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  • 99 minutes
  • Category IIA

Plot synopsis

Katie (Chrissie Chau), who grew up ath the children's home, since childhood she determined to be a great figure. At the age of 30, she's already a golden girl works as a top executive in a 5-star hotel, mean and uncompromised. One day, she was betrayed... her job and her boyfriend all taken away by her best friend Michelle (Michelle Loo), everyting is back to square one! At the lowest of her life, Katie was struck by meteorshower debris and ws seriously infured in a coma. Her heart paused for seven minutes. Aftershe woke up, she could see bizarre and strange images, especially an old man (Richard Ng), a middle-aged Ah Fai (Eric Kot) and an auntie Ah Yan (Maggie Shiu) all dressed in their 80's, and ended up stayed at Katie's house. Katie even recruited a spirit media John (Louis Cheung) who actually was a con with no ability to drive away ghosts or spirits, but instead, the poor guy has become the inhabitant!

The ghosts are more funny than scary. Katie decided to open a hotel called "B4 i die". Together Katie, the 3 ghosts and John started a magical journey. The hotel allows its guess to get a good scare and a good laugh, while Katie completes the unfulfilled wish for the three ghosts to make their final peace of mind to move on!