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Lunana: A Yak In The Classroom 2019

Lunana: A Yak In The Classroom [2019]

Release date

2020 Jul


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  • 110 minutes

Plot synopsis

The dazzling Himalayan glaciers serve as the backdrop for this charming, suitable-for-all ages drama set in a far-flung Bhutanese hamlet - a location so remote and bereft of facilities that Pawo Choyning Dorji and his crew could only use cameras equipped with solar-powered batteries. Lunana's the name of the village, and Ugyen is the young protagonist sent to teach there. An eight-day walk from modern comforts, and devoid of textbooks, a blackboard and even electricity, Ugyen immediately wants to leave to pursue his real dream as a singer in Australia. As he warms to the endearing locals and learns of their hardships, he discovers that what he truly seeks may unexpectedly be close at hand.


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