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Quiaohu And The Fantastic Flying Ship 2019

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  • 81 minutes
  • Category I
  • Group A

Plot synopsis

Qiaohu is having a temper because mom spend to much time on taking care of the little sister, he meet with the little inventer squirrel Jin Jin from the forest kingdom while he tell the story to his friends.

Green forest is lack of water because not a raindrop for a long time, the residents there are facing a threat from the nature. Jinjin invited Qiaohu and his friends to the green forest and work on the spaceship ,so they could do an artificial rain. Qiaohu and his friends cooperate really good, they overcame all the difficulties and gain success with persverance and encourage from the audience. After the adventure, Qiaohu understood how difficult it is for mom to do all the work, so he finally spoke out his love for mum.