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Butt Detective The Movie: Mystery Of The Ladybug Ruins 2020

Butt Detective The Movie: Mystery Of The Ladybug Ruins [2020]

Release date

2021 Jul

Hong Kong

Original Title
映画 おしりたんてい テントウムシいせきの なぞ
  • 40 minutes
  • Category I

Plot synopsis

One day Butt Detective received a commission from his father's Butt Dandy, which is going to the Ladybug Ruins to investigate into a case. According to the rumours, the hidden treasure in the ruins, possibly could save the continuous drought in the dim dim village. Butt Dandy and a baby panda called Tan arrived to the site in advanced, however someone who wants to steal the treasure are already onto them. Moreover, the phantom thief U delivered a criminal notice at the same time… Butt Detective follows the footstep of Butt Dandy, while unraveling various mysteries in the ruins!

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