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Food Luck! 2020

Food Luck! [2020]

Release date

2021 May

Hong Kong

Original Title
  • 104 minutes
  • Category I

Plot synopsis

"Negishi-en", a small yakiniku restaurant run single-handedly by Yoshito's mother, Yasue, was beloved to many. However, an incident caused it to suddenly lose customers, and Yasue decided to close the restaurant.

18 years later, Yoshito has left home and works as a freelance writer with little success. One day, together with editor Shizuka Takenaka, he's tasked with creating a new food guide website that only covers "the real thing." And the fateful first topic is: yakiniku?! Despite accepting the job, Yoshito is struggling with it, when he receives word that his now-estranged mother has collapsed.

Unable to bring himself to visit Yasue in the hospital, Yoshito visits well-known restaurants for his work, and encounters the nostalgic flavors of Negishi-en, coming to understand his mother through the enjoyment of food and the people she connected with. Through this, he begins to change inside…

Guided by his “food luck,” what miracle will Yoshito create in the end?



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