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Yes, No, Or Maybe Half?
  • 53minutes
  • III

Release Date

Original Title

Hong Kong Title
Yes, No, Or Maybe Half?

Plot Synopsis

Kei Kunieda, a popular young TV anchor, is the extremely two-faced person. Contrary to the perfect appearance called "The Prince", he has another intense face that has habit of repeating "Foolish" to people in the heart.

One day, Kei, wearing a tired jersey and mask, ran into Ushio Tsuzuki, an animation artist who he had met at the interview before, but fortunately Ushio didn't notice that the undistinguished man was the same person as that popular anchor. Kei called himself "Owari" on the spur of the moment, and Kei as Owari is now forced to help Ushio got injured by the accident.

It was unpleasant cooperative relationship at first, but Kei as Owari gradually became to feel favourable about Ushio as an only person he doesn't have to pretend as someone else. On the other hand, Ushio is attracted to the behaviour of Kei as an anchor at the interview. The story develops into the strange love triangle among Kei, Owari and Ushio…

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