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i WEiRDO 2020

i WEiRDO [2020]

Release dates

2020 Aug


2020 Nov

Hong Kong

Original Title
  • 100 minutes
  • Category IIA
  • General Audiences Category

Plot synopsis

Po-Ching is an OCD patient, with serious symptoms of mysophobia. He has been conditioned to the endless cleaning habits in his daily life. His "quirkiness" has also isolated him from the general public and people see him as a complete weirdo. Po-Ching goes out for daily needs shopping on the 15th of each month. Someday, he meets another weirdo Chen Ching. It is fate to make Po-Ching and Chen Ching to meet each other. They finally find another who is in the same boat. Their relationship is spotless and perfect. But everything becomes different when Po-Ching's OCD disappear suddenly. In the world of love, we are each other's weirdos. When love is gone, I am not attracted to your quirkiness anymore.


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