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The Man With The Answers 2021

The Man With The Answers [2021]

Release date

2021 Oct

Hong Kong

  • 81 minutes
  • Category IIA

Plot synopsis

Victor, a Greek ex diving champion in his early 20's, lives with his grand- mother in a seaside town of Greece. Longing for his triumph days and surviving working at a furniture factory, his grandmothers' death brings a sudden twist in his life. Driving an old dusty car, he begins a road trip to Germany. On the boat to Italy, he meets Matthias, an adventurous young German, who is returning home. Matthias convinces Victor to take him in his car and, as they drive north, Matthias pushes him to come out of his comfort zone and reveal the real reason of his trip. Victor's uptight character clashes with free-spirited Matthias. Their road trip will come to an end in Bavaria where, through the unpredictable turns of life, their questions will find the answers they so much desired.


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