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Asteroid City
  • 105minutes
  • IIB
  • 普

Release Date

Plot Synopsis

Asteroid City is a dot-on-the-map desert town in the American Southwest. The year is 1955. The town’s most famous attraction is a gigantic meteor crater and celestial observatory nearby. This weekend, the military and astronomers are welcoming five science award-winning children to display their inventions. Not far away, over the hills, mushroom clouds from atomic tests are seen.


Wes Anderson


Tom Hanks

Margot Robbie

Scarlett Johansson

Bryan Cranston

Willem Dafoe

Adrien Brody

Steve Carell

Edward Norton

Jeff Goldblum

Tilda Swinton

Liev Schreiber

Tony Revolori

Jason Schwartzman

Jeffrey Wright

Jarvis Cocker

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