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Gemini Man Special 3D+ Footage Description

Gemini Man Special 3D+ Footage Description

Published on October 9, 2019 23:43 by Leslie Cheung

Ang Lee's latest film Gemini Man is shot in 120-fps 4K 3D to give a life-like digital character played by Will Smith, and we were invited to a special screening to see the state-of-the-art film making technology last month at Festival Grand Cinema.

First, they played a clip of introduction by Ang Lee and a making-of featurette. Then, 3 scenes taken from the film were played. They are extended sequences from previous trailer, and you can read our descriptions below.

Scene 1 features the gun-fight sequence between Henry Brogan (Will Smith) and Junior (digital character also played by Will Smith) on the streets of Cartagena, Colombia and ends with grenade throwing during the staircase stand-off.

Scene 2 takes place in the Paris underground catacombs, where Junior has captured Danny Zakarweski (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). Then Henry saves Danny from Junior and tries to talk Junior out of killing them. However, that goes soar so they fight more before the scene ends with both of them dropping into an underground pool.

Scene 3 sees Junior goes to meet his "father" Clay Verris (Clive Owen) in his office to talk about his origin.

The 3 scenes were played in 60 fps 4K 3D and it has already given us a very realistic digital character in Junior. We do not see an out-of-place animated character or digitally de-aging characterl, but it is like looking into a real person.

Following the 3 scenes, the latest trailer and a Q&A session featuring director Ang Lee, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Will Smith were played. During the taped Q&A session, both Ang Lee and Will Smith emphasise Junior is a digitally created character, and not the usual de-aging technique used by other films. Ang Lee also keeps brining up with all the new technology in film-making, it is down to a emotional story that can reach out to the audience.

If you want to taste the best possible specification of this film, we are sorry to tell you there is no cinema in Hong Kong showing it on 120 fps.

The next best thing we have got is the IMAX 3D+, which is IMAX DMR format with 60 fps from the 120 fps master, available at the newly opened UA K11 Art House (read our site visit report here as well). It is also available in IMAX 2D at 24 fps.

Other standard cinemas will play the film either on digital 3D+ at 60 fps (with various combination of Dolby Atmos or D-Box features), digital 3D, 2D and ScreenX at 24 fps. It is also available with 4DX and MX4D add-ons.

Gemini Man opens tomorrow (October 10) in Hong Kong.