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Florian Schneider 1947 - 2020

Published Published almost 4 years ago by Leslie Cheung

[Updated 2020-05-08 22:53] Corrected the date of death to April 21 and added more details according to an Instagram post (included below) by his relative (we think she is his sister), Claudia Schneider-Esleben.

Kraftwerk co-founder, Florian Schneider, has passed away today on April 21 at the age of 73, after losing battle against cancer. The other Kraftwerk co-founder Ralf Hütter was with him when he passed. His last words were "Thank You! I am not afraid of the Death. I had a good Life. I am not sad, don't be sad either!" His funeral was held on May 7.

Florian Schneider met Ralf Hütter as students in Düsseldorf in the late 1960s, and they joined a quintet called Organisation and released an album, Tone Float, in 1969. After Organisation disbanded, the duo formed Kraftwerk in 1970. Before his departure from the group in 2008, the group has released 10 studio albums, 1 remix album and 1 live album.

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