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DC's Stargirl on-going

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S2E1 Season 2, Episode 1

aired Wed, August 11, 2021

Episode guide 14


S1E1 Pilot

Courtney's seemingly perfect life in Los Angeles gets upended with a move to Nebraska.

premiered on Tue, May 19, 2020

S1E2 S.T.R.I.P.E.

After Courtney has an unexpected run-in with a member of the Injustice Society of America, Pat reveals the truth to her about their history; Barbara is elated when she sees Courtney making an attempt to get along with Pat.

premiered on Tue, May 26, 2020

S1E3 Icicle

After a dangerous confrontation with a member of the Injustice Society of America, Pat warns Courtney to back down from her attempts to go after them; Barbara strides at work.

premiered on Tue, June 02, 2020

S1E4 Wildcat

Courtney sets out to recruit new members to the Justice Society of America; Pat's suspicion is piqued following a bizarre conversation with one of the town's residents.

premiered on Tue, June 09, 2020

S1E5 Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite

Pat finds himself one step closer to learning which ISA members may be in Blue Valley; a search for Rick leads Courtney, Yolanda and Beth to Cindy Bauman's Halloween party.

premiered on Tue, June 16, 2020

S1E6 The Justice Society

Courtney makes a difficult decision after Pat confronts her about the potential consequences of recruiting new members to the JSA. Courtney, Yolanda, Beth and Rick prepare for their first major mission.

premiered on Tue, June 23, 2020

S1E7 Shiv Part One

As Pat teaches Courtney, Yolanda, Beth and Rick the importance of teamwork, the ISA converge to figure out who is trying to take them down.

premiered on Tue, June 30, 2020

S1E8 Shiv Part Two

After Courtney gets herself into some trouble, Pat decides they need to come clean to Barbara. Meanwhile, Yolanda, Beth and Rick lead an investigation into a classmate.

premiered on Tue, July 07, 2020

S1E9 Brainwave

Tensions rise among the JSA members after Courtney suggests who she wants to recruit next to the team. Meanwhile, Barbara invites Jordan and his family over for dinner, and Henry Jr. makes a surprising discovery about his father.

premiered on Tue, July 14, 2020

S1E10 Brainwave Jr.

After Barbara discovers what Pat and Courtney have been hiding, the JSA go into the tunnels with Henry to find Brainwave before he is corrupted by the ISA.

premiered on Tue, July 21, 2020

S1E11 Shining Knight

Courtney's life gets turned upside down when someone from her past arrives in Blue Valley. Meanwhile, Pat uncovers new information about the ISA's plan and Jordan makes a surprising discovery at work.

premiered on Tue, July 28, 2020

S1E12 Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. Part One

With the ISA on their trail, Courtney, Pat and the team regroup to figure out their next steps. Meanwhile, Rick makes a breakthrough, and the team prepares for a showdown with the ISA.

premiered on Tue, August 04, 2020

S1E13 Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. Part Two

As the Injustice Society of America come one step closer to accomplishing their mission, Courtney and the JSA face-off with Icicle and the villains of the ISA.

premiered on Tue, August 11, 2020

S2E1 Season 2, Episode 1

premiered on Wed, August 11, 2021


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