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Black Mirror, Season 1

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/ 10

Published Published over 6 years ago by Leslie Cheung

Before Black Mirror Season 3 hitting Netflix this Friday, let's look back in the series' past.

Created by Charlie Brooker, Black Mirror is a UK TV sci-fi anthology series that takes the dark side of technology to the extreme end. We bumped into the series on Netflix earlier this year and found it impressive and magnificent. Throughout the first 2 series/seasons and 2014 Christmas special, it deals heavily with the connection between technology and sparse society. The theme is usually dark, except for S2E3 "The Waldo Moment" which is more light-hearted, and injects many British humour and satire in the storylines. The plot twists in the episodes and the level of extreme it takes often throw us off-guard and challenged. Black Mirror is smart and one of the best shows we have on telly at this age.

S1E1 The National Anthem - 9.5
S1E2 Fifteen Million Merits - 8.8
S1E3 The Entire History of You - 9.0

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